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My Domestika Chip Carving Online Course

desembre 23, 2022 1 minuts llegits

My Domestika Chip Carving Online Course

Hey everyone!

I can finally announce it! My Online Chip Carving Course will be in Domestika!🥳
Here's the link to the course: 

It's been a few months of work with things I'm not used to do and it took me some time and patience... But both the Course and my Carving Kits are ready! ✨
On Monday December 26th you'll be able to take the course!
I also wanted to let you know that you  can now Pre-Order my Chip Carving Kits on my website they include all you need to do the course. Let me know if you have questions or doubts, I'll be happy to answer them! 🤗
          Chip Carving Kit Domestika Online Course             Chip Carving Kit Domestika Online Course

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