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Chip Carving Kit: Beginner



      • This basic Chip Carving kit covers all the necessary tools and materials for you to start practicing Chip Carving. It includes a knife, strop and compound. With this kit you can start practicing with my Online Chip Carving Domestika Course. 


        1 Portable Tool roll with 3 slots.

        Klötzli Chip Carving Knife.

        2 Basswood Practice Boards. Design included.

      • 1 Transfer Markerpen to instantly transfer your laser printed patterns.
      • Laser printed pattern sheets to transfer on your wood.

      • 1 Sided strop 10x4x1cm

        1 Polishing compound.

      • 1 Video Tutorial on 'How to sharpen a chip carving knife'.

      • 1 Book of Patterns 1 & 2 (Digital Files). Includes 60 Patterns: Practice Patterns & original designs. 

        1x 30 min Video Call with me, Bernat Mercader. To go over details about your kit and Chip Carving.

      • If you have any questions or doubts about anything related to my carving kits or my Chip Carving Online course, please Contact Me and I will gladly help you! 

      • Happy carving!