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Domestika Chip Carving Kit: Advanced

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  • This Advanced Chip Carving kit includes all the necessary materials and tools for you to start practicing Chip Carving through my Domestika Online course. It also includes extra practice boards, sharpening materials, laser printed patterns and grid paper.


    - 1 Sharpened  Pfeil Tools Knife (Sharpened by myself)

    - 2 Pre-Printed practice basswood boards Beginner & Advanced (Designed and transferred by myself). All practice boards can be carved on the front & back.

    - Sandpaper sheets: 400, 800 & 1500 grit waterproof. 

    - Polishing compound.

    - Pattern sheets & Grid paper (For your pattern drawing practice)

    If you have any questions or doubts about anything related to the course, materials and tools, please Contact Me and I will gladly help you.