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The Followers Will: A Collaborative Wood Carving Project

maig 10, 2022 2 minuts llegits

The Followers Will: A Collaborative Wood Carving Project

The followers will is a Project I started to connect more with my audience in Social Media and to give back to you! You’ve been following me for a while and I felt it was time to do something together.

This Project basically consists of me presenting some options in regards of shape, patterns and finishing products. Via Instagram Stories at Wood Bern Carvings I let you choose among those and once all answers are collected, I make an average of all the answers and present to you the final results.

Once that happens I start designing and woodcarving the piece on my own, reaching a final wooden carved pieced, chosen by you and carved by me. After I have finished I share with you the amount of time spent carving the piece and I present to you all a final question: the price.

Yes, I know it can feel uncomfortable having a say at a price of a piece of art that somebody else did. But it’s all part of this project, you decide every single aspect of this project’s carvings and that include it’s price! Again, once all the answers are collected I make an average and upload the piece on my website where it will be available for purchase.

For now this is the modus operandi of this project. I might change few things and details over time, such as adding different patterns, shapes as well as modifying the way to offer the carving by making auctions or other options.

Please, feel welcome to follow me on IG if you want to participate in my next TFW project!

PS: I commissioned the official image of this project to my friend Maya, a Palestinian calligrapher!

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