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Pfeil Tools Chip Carving Knife (Sharpened)

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This is a Pfeil Tools Chip Carving knife 36mm sharpened by myself.

Pfeil Tools is a great brand of carving tools and their Chip Carving knife 36mm is one of them. The only issue is that the knives are not sharp enough to carve with them when you get them from the store.

And that's why I manually sharpen the knives myself until they are sharp enough to practice Chip Carving. Sharpened knives offer a much better carving experience than a Pfeil knife you could get in a store or online site, unless they specifically mention they sharpened it.

I've been working with the same knife for about 7 years. Over the years, I've learned how to properly sharpen these knives with my own experience and I've also learned from Daniel Clay and Marty from 'My Chip Carving' internet content which is available online.